Education is a vital tool in eradicating poverty and economic enslavement, not only for individuals, but for families, and generations. One of the key visions of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria (Foursquare) is to develop a well-thought out policy that will be implemented to meet the educational needs and aspirations of members of the church who desire to get good education but otherwise impaired by financial difficulties.

As such, there will be focus on those who gain admission into public secondary schools and Federal Government universities, but lack the financial means to pursue such education. Students of private secondary schools and private higher institutions of learning are not within the scope of this scholarship program.

The scholarship program established by Foursquare will be non-discriminatory, fair and broad-based. Foursquare members across different ethnic groups, throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria will have the opportunity to compete favourably in a merit-driven and compassionate educational support program.

The level of support will be different and shall be based on the needs of each individual adjudged to be deserving of educational support. The overall objective is to support and provide opportunity to students who meet set criteria to get education. As a result, while some may be awarded full educational scholarship, others may be considered for one-off grants or educational support up to a maximum limit to enhance their chances of finishing an on-going educational program. The educational assistance will not be a one-size-fits-all program, but the individual needs of each student will be fairly assessed and appropriate decision taken in the interest of such students.

There shall be a committee (Committee) of seasoned Foursquare members which will be constituted by the National Scholarship Board (Board) under the advisory of the Foursquare Board. The Committee shall be tasked with the responsibility of administering the eligibility and selection criteria that will be developed by the Board in the four geo-political zones in Nigeria.

The eligibility and selection criteria shall be designed to provide clear parameters on eligibility for would be beneficiaries so that there will be consistency in application across the country.

Within Scope

  • Federal Universities
  • State Universities, subject to a maximum amount.
  • Public Polytechnics (Federal and State)
  • Colleges of Education
  • McPherson University, subject to a discount by the school and a maximum amount.
  • Public Secondary Schools

Out of Scope

  • Private Universities, except McPherson University
  • Private Polytechnics
  • Private Secondary Schools
  • Theological Institutions

Types of Scholarships

  1. Full Scholarship – A full scholarship will cover tuition, educational supplies and stipend. This shall be given yearly to deserving students who fulfil set selection criteria.
  2. One-off Grant – A one-off grant will be given to students who require educational assistance to conclude a program which they have already started prior to running into financial difficulties. This is more like a “rescue” grant to prevent a student from dropping out of school due to financial difficulties.

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