Please take time to fill the form correctly and upload documents carefully

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I am currently schooling in the north but my church is in the western region. Can I apply for the phase 2 which is for the western region or for phase 3 which is for the northern region?


Has the application process closed?


Pls when will the interview/exam be holding?(For Lagos region)

Marcus Akinmade

Please my application got rejected because of my location. My church is under Lagos region so i don’t understand why i got rejected

Okeowo taiwo

Pls how can I upload my birth certificate.. I forgot to upload it

Okeowo taiwo

Plsi forgot to upload my birth certificate.. Pls can I do it

Jumbo Lois Joseph

Pls we don’t have all credential here with us can we upload the one we have


Please get all your documents before applying, the application date has been extended


this is indeed an impactful opportunity


Pls what if you need a scholarship to study outside the country??


Please, when is the closing date?

Oladele Oreoluwa

Whenever I want to upload the attachments it keeps saying I can’t complete due to low phone memory, please what can I do

Alade Oluwaseun

How do I go about changing the GPA selected

Alade Oluwaseun

Pls there is a mistakes in the GPA selected it’s second class upper not lower
Can it be changed pls?

Azeez Rotimi Oluwasegun

I made a mistake in the registration sir. I mistakenly uploaded another person’s cv instead of mine. Please can i re-apply?

Azeez Rotimi Oluwasegun

Can the application be deleted so as to enter a new one?

Azeez Rotimi Oluwasegun

I already applied again with the correct document when I didn’t get a reply on time sir. Please what can I do now sir, I’m sorry sir please is there a way that it can still be corrected?

Adekoya Teminioluwa

How will I write the motivation statement


It’s an essay on why you should be awarded the scholarship

Olatunbosun Rhoda Pelumi

Am not able to upload the birth certificate


What’s the file size and what’s the file format

Olatunbosun Rhoda Pelumi

I finally solved the problem. Thanks.


Please can I use my church identification card as a means of identification


Yes you can


How about if you are in a system that doesn’t require Jamb result like Distance Learning. Will there be an issue?


The scholarship program is for full time students not part time


Sir, public schools in senior secondary those not give admission letter.I don’t have any what should I do


Secondary school applicants don’t need to upload admission letter. Parental consent letter will be needed


No rhelp ,I wish to gain admission this year to study law which have been aspiring since when am small
I need ur help for this schoolarship


Please have you gained admission into any university, if you have, then please apply for the scholarship by filling the form.


My passport isn’t uploading


What is the file format and what is the file size

Olajide Samuel

there is no link on the application form here any longer. please I need the link to the form

Yisa Daniel Teryila

What of those who took jamb last year but they have not been given adimission into University yet. Can they also apply for the scholarship?

Olatunde Seun Omolara

I have a birth certificate but it’s in school and my school is on a short break because of covid-19.i won’t be able to access the birth certificate till school resumes.what can I do please

Elizabeth Ajala

Good evening, sir/ma. My school is yet to give us ID cards(those of us in 100 level) . Can I upload my student biodata form?


If it contains a photo of you, yes you can


Please ,if you don’t have any means of identification, what can you do?
The box where the motivational statement is written into, cannot contain much.


Please can I use my church identification card as a means of identification

Oluwatosinmile Olugade

Good afternoon please I won’t be able to upload my results because they are yet to be uploaded on my school portal though I have seen it physically but it hasn’t been uploaded. What do I do about this?

Oluwatosinmile Olugade

I just began my second year first semester. First year’s result is still not out yet

Jeremiah David Gabriel

Pls I made a mistake in the phone number,how do I correct it??

Adedayo Daniel

Unable to upload birth certificate

Martin's bamgbose

Pls if someone did not have a birthday certificate can the person be choosen for this scholarship

Victor Kolade

I didn’t add a CGPA because we haven’t written any exams in my school. How that is okay?

Sulaimon Esther gbetoyon

What is the minimum CGP for college of health