“Once again I want to thank God for this feet that have been achieved, having the first set of awardees of the Foursquare National Scholarship Board, and I want to advice them that, they must have been doing something good before which made them to qualify for this award and it is not yet time to relax, if anything, it is time to work harder to justify the award that was given to you so that you can continue to enjoy, because it is predicated on your ability to maintain your good performance  and above all to have the fear of God, because if someone is good academically and has no relationship with God it will end very useless, once again I am using this opportunity to thank all the members of the board who have done a very good job to ensure that the best of the applicants are able to be fished out and be given the award and I pray that this will be the beginning and there will be many more to come in the name of Jesus Christ and once again I say congratulations to you and God bless.”

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